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No Mo Run Single

by Analog Watts

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Single of the forthcoming album "No Mo Run"


released June 28, 2016

All songs written by Jarik Hieronymus, and recorded by Analog Watts




Analog Watts York, Pennsylvania

Born of milk and scobe leather

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Track Name: NO MO RUN
Sit silent and stare
and wonder if you were ever there at all
I hung your painting on my wall so I would not forget
And darken the lights,
the brightness hurts my eyes and the smoke yellows the pages
taped to hang at once for all these troubled days

This one's for all the silver tongues
Here's to all the two faced,
you're free, but you don't wanna be,
and I'm stuck but I can't stop running.

Sit silently there
and wonder if you were ever here at all,
I've got nowhere else to go and I don't wanna be alone,
If my liver's black, then my lungs are green, and my eyes are dark smoked glass,
I think I'm living in the past
with all of last month's trash
and in that landfill,
in the dirt between your toes,
I was laughing, I was sewing garbage into clothes
for war

this one's for all the forked tongues,
here's to all the satan's,
we're free but you don't want us be
and I'm stuck but I can't stop running

this one's for all the silver tongues
here's to all the two faced
you're free but you don't wanna be
and I'm stuck but I can't stop running
I'm stuck but I can't stop running,
I'm stuck but I can't stop running
Track Name: Gargoyle Teeth
I looked into the gargoyle's mouth
and I saw some things I didn't wanna see:
no teeth,
just a forked tongue,
and a lot of regrets;
a life lived without love or happiness.


I jumped into the cold dark void,
no sound passed through my ears
I think I forgot the sound of your voice,
and what's worse,
I learned to die alone
means no sweetness or light,
to empathize with black holes,
oh no no no


I walked into the werewolf's home
I was met with kindness I have never known
so surprised when she said
I was her very first friend
and we spent the night howling at the moon,
and it went a little something like:

Track Name: Fast Food Blues
I was tongue-tied and sleep deprived,
you were running through my muddled mind,
I had a large order of cold french fries,
shove my eyes and my ears,
I never wanna have to hear the words I eat again and again,
and anyways they always taste better with salt on them.

Now I'm crying,
I'm crying alone at the mcdonald's
I'm crying alone at the mcdonald's drive thru
and all I think about is your shoes.

I think your laces were untied
when you ran away,
and I think my brain might be fried
cuz I cant find the words to say,
and I think you feel the same

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