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by Analog Watts

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T-Coffs Hard to find comparable representations of Lovecraft's tone in music. Favorite track: Blue Whiskey Folk.
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Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" and the grand mystery of Time.


released August 16, 2014

All music and lyrics written by Jarik Hieronymus, with the exception of "Cthulhu Calls" which is an excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft's "the Call of Cthulhu".
The samples on "Analogue Watts" and "Cthulhu Creeps" are taken from a recording of Alan Watts, "Boat Demonstration".
Trumpet on "Cthulhu Creeps" was played by Mike Klahold (
S/O to all my friends and family who kept me on track with this album and didn't even realize it. S/O to Best Nauticals, Bowie, and Man Man for the musical inspiration.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Analog Watts York, Pennsylvania

Born of milk and scobe leather

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Track Name: Blue Whiskey Folk
So many words, how do you choose the right ones?
That whiskey burns, but I'm fixin' for a fight, hun.
What do I say when my body's bent and broken?
Keep the pain away by whiskey drinking and smoking.

Ooh I know I talk in my sleep, I know I should be dead or something,
I know I'm not strong, but I shouldn't be this weak.
Ooh I think you think about me, are you gonna wanna let me in
or kick me out into the street,
where the street lamps are golden, the sidewalks are warm,
the money burns like paper, and love lasts as long
as a cigarette
Track Name: Cigarette Kids
I need a new body
I need new friends
I need someone to hold my hand
until the bitter end.
I'm so ungrateful
for the life that I live
yeah, money talks, surely,
but it's gonna kick you in the back of your head.

Oh, I, you you you you are
the only one I want
Oh, I, you you you you are
gonna get left behind

Enamel protection
will only get you so far,
your teeth are gonna fall out
when we're fucking in the back of my car
cuz I'm a nightmare, baby,
I'm a bubbling mess,
and I know that you love me, baby,
but I'm the one that loves me the best

Oh, I, you you you you are
the only one I want
Oh, I, you you you you are
gonna get left behind
Oh, I, we we we we hate
the people that we are
Oh, I, you you you you are
made of plastic scars
Track Name: Mister Sandman
The only time you've ever really felt alive
was in his arms
looking into his eyes.
Now the ocean takes control of your life
just like the moon changes the tides
just like the look in his eyes

and the stop signs scream go, keep on going
keep on running away
from everything you love and care about
so please stop now.
Stop yourself from drowning
cuz the sandman's not gonna come along
and dry you out and hang you from a cloud.

And it feels like
the only time you've ever really felt alive
was in the palm of the sandman's wave goodbye
on the sea side
you slept as though the bags under your eyes
were filled with fanny packs and broken fishing lines
Track Name: Strawberries (Still Running)
It's like,
One day I'm there and the next I'm gone.
You're leaving sill marks on my front door,
long fingernails in my cerebellum.
Get off at the first stop, leave me alone.
Trying to find some meaning, trying to find a home, yeah.

And in all my nightmares I'm running away from something bigger than it seems,
a beast with six arms, and the head a scoop of strawberry ice cream,
this isn't the first time,
I wake up in a cold sweat,
and I don't forget.

it's like,
one drop of the hat and it's raining dogs.
What black magic is this, what spells were involved to cause such awkward precipitation?
Go to grab my umbrella, and it just disappears,
and you are home alone again, you are in tears.

And in all my daydreams I'm flying over the desert, crash into the sand,
taste the strawberry sweetness, turn around and I'm standing in the palm of your hand.
this isn't the first time,
I wake up in a cold sweat,
and I don't forget, no no no.

And in all my nightmares, oh!
And in all my daydreams, no!!!
And in all these visions I'm feeling the teeth of lovers breaking into bits,
go to pick up the pieces, find the teeth have fallen from the part in my lips.
This is the first time,
I wake up in a cold sweat,
and I never forget, no.
Track Name: A Wolf in Sheepskin
Something wicked this way comes
with golden teeth and smoke-filled lungs,
and I have heard you can't escape
the lies he speaks, the love he fakes.
I need an exorcist ooh,
get me an exorcist ooh,
nobody knows
how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Are you already under his control?
Something wicked only wants your soul.
Will you let him step into your home?

There's a wolf here, among us,
among the lambchops of our fathers,
don't need a brick house for your sister,
don't even need a bathroom for your alcoholic brother.
I in time become the wolf too,
you alone control the moon.

Someone blasphemed late last night,
and made complete unholy rights,
and I have heard you can't contain
the evil spilled, the demon brain.
I need an exorcist ooh,
get me a doctor.
nobody knows
how deep the rabbit hole goes,
nobody sees
how far the heavens really reach.

There's a wolf here, among us,
among the dreamscapes and the dioramas,
build the best house for your sister,
kill the sellout in your baby brother.
I in time become the wolf too,
you alone control the moon.
I in time will be in full bloom,
and together we can howl at he moon.
Together we can howl at the moon.
Track Name: Cthulhu Creeps
Across the road from our first kiss there sits
a gold statue of Buddha
reminding me to forget myself,
leave it all behind!
But how can I?

And you? You're like a four leaf clover,
no you're more like a supernova,
no, archaeologists have searched the world over for a thing like you,
beauty preserved for a million years in a perfect specimen,
please step into my head,
I want you to sleep in my bed,
so my dreamless nights can feel alright again
I just want to feel alright again!

Under the sea there lives a beast who feasts
on the blood of the weak,
and for weeks I've been trying to get him to take me,
but when I dive down
he tries to escape me.

But you, you make this feel so worth it,
and you make me forget that monster's war-pit,
and you understand that everyone snores
it's beautiful, it's immaculate.
So come here, honey, give me your hand,
I've been tired for years and you understand,
and together we can make this worth it,
I just want this to be worth it!!!

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